• Blockchain

    We have real-world experience linking blockchain technology and business    processes—across the entire blockchain journey—for clients.

    Blockchain is a generational technological transformation akin to the importance of the advent of the Internet for how businesses transact with one another.

    From tracking and transferring money or inventory to post-financial settlements and smart insurance contracts, the potential for blockchain to transform business spans industries and applications.

    With our extensive network of partners, more than 20 industry prototypes and our technology-agnostic approach, we can help clients accelerate time to market to capture the value of blockchain.
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  • SMS-OTP Broker

    Get 8-in-1 SMS gateway admin panel for texting your clients in a quick & easy manner with multiple service support. SMPP Client Panel
    Just provide unlimited connectivity to clients by setting-up SMPP server & messaging applications in your office premises. SMPP Server Panel
    Grow your business like a pro by managing SMPP connection for clients with a dedicated SMPP server panel. Glimpse of Services
    We believe in providing service that transcends intoamazing experience for our clients so let us be a part of your business now.
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  • Energy Software

    Discover the next generation of commodity management software. BenediXit enterprise CTRM software and advanced analytics empower companies that extract, process, market, trade, or consume commodities to make informed decisions and take total control over how their businesses grow. With BenediXit, customers get data-driven decision support to better manage position visibility, risk management, controls, and regulatory compliance — on one platform.
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  • Energy Hardware

    We Envision an Environmentally Friendly Tomorrow that is Economically inviting, Socially Healthful and where Waste To Clean-Renewable Energy Technology has Solved the Whole World Waste management Problem. Consumption and the diversity/increase of needs has induced the necessity to utilize our resources in the best way possible while finding a viable solution for waste management.
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  • Global Trading Machine

    Through the past two years at BENEDIXIT we have developed a substantial amount of knowledge in the generation, evaluation and live trading of automatically generated trading strategies. The first of our software development efforts in this field, BenediXtrade, has now become very appreciated within our community and we have so decided to release new version of our trading software machine that it will be availeble for our clients as soon as possible.
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  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) increases sales, saves costs, and improves user experience. Our AI development experts will help you use your data to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions. AI technology has various use cases among different industries.
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