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Discover the next generation of commodity management software. BenediXit enterprise CTRM software and advanced analytics empower companies that extract, process, market, trade, or consume commodities to make informed decisions and take total control over how their businesses grow. With BenediXit, customers get data-driven decision support to better manage position visibility, risk management, controls, and regulatory compliance — on one platform. And it’s all powered by a full suite of comprehensive, world-class analytics tools. Here's how it works.

Position Visibilty

360° Position Visibility

A single source of truth for real-time insights. Knowing which action to take, and when, requires insights. These insights come from accumulating data from subsidiaries in different locations, trade desks, departments, and multiple roles throughout an organization. But then what? Being in possession of information is only part of the equation. The challenge becomes to integrate, organize, report, and respond. In brief, that's what position visibility is all about. However, even if that sounds straightforward, having the right solution for business in today's world is anything but simple. This is where BenediXit software for commodity trading risk management comes in. Organizations that are dependent on disparate legacy systems, software developed in-house, or spreadsheets for their commodity management are exposing themselves to greater risk than ever. BenediXit provides the remedy by empowering the front office, middle office, and back office with one unified platform for managing positions.


Enterprises worldwide have to put controls in place to ensure risk management thresholds are known and observed throughout the organization. The challenge comes when changes in risk profiles occur and information about those changes is delayed or inaccessible to managers and decision-makers. With disjointed data flows, a company's exposure to risk increases dramatically, and, in a worst-case scenario, can lead to catastrophic losses. As a result, it's critical that all available information is integrated into a single platform, one that's capable of immediately alerting managers when they need to ensure losses are contained or that they know when to take profits.

Risk Management

Minimizing exposure for maximum profit. Too many times, commodity companies know they need sound risk management, but they suffer from poor data quality and latencies brought on by the disparate systems or spreadsheets they're accustomed to using. When that's the case, their exposure can get hidden, and the risks around trading, logistics, and accounting increase considerably. Whether your enterprise is using loosely integrated solutions, legacy in-house software, or years-old spreadsheets, BenediXit will give you a new way to think about risk management and a new way of operating. With BenediXit, you'll be getting an integrated commodity trading platform that allows for comprehensive physical and financial data management, in turn improving the risk mitigation capabilities throughout your organization.